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Project AIM: Autism intervention meta-analysis for studies of young children

By |March 2nd, 2020|

There are many interventions available for children with autism, but the effectiveness of these interventions is the subject of great debate. The researchers conducted a meta-analysis to summarize the effects of seven different types of intervention for children diagnosed with autism (up to 8 years old).

Parents and Children Work Together To Shape Early Language Environment

By |February 12th, 2020|

Studies have shown that parent language input influences child communication, but less is known about how child characteristics impact the language that parents use. In this study, the researchers analyzed play interactions over time between parents and their toddlers with high- and low-risk of being diagnosed with autism.

Exploring Developmental and Behavioral Heterogeneity among Preschoolers with ASD: A Cluster Analysis on Principal Components

By |January 15th, 2020|

Each individual with autism has unique strengths and areas of challenge, and providers have struggled to find interventions suited for the broad profiles of this population. The researchers analyzed a group of 188 preschoolers with autism to identify 3 statistically distinct “clusters” of children.

Efficacy of parent-training programs for preschool children with ASD

By |December 17th, 2019|

The developmental individual-difference relationship-based (DIR) model is a commonly used autism intervention model in which providers are taught to meet each child at their developmental level to build relationships and social skills through child-initiated activities. This study explored the effectiveness of the DIR model in a parent-mediated intervention, when compared to a parent-mediated intervention focusing on typical developmental milestones and parent-led activities.

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