At NUARCC, our labs offer training opportunities for all educational levels. For undergraduates, there are volunteer, independent study, and thesis opportunities. Master’s Speech-Language Pathology students receive specialized training through participation in clinical practicum placements, as well as through lab experiences, with opportunities for master’s theses. There are also opportunities for doctoral students to train in labs and help perform autism-related research.

Additionally, we offer American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and Early Intervention continuing education professional developmental seminars for practicing speech-language pathologists.

Research Opportunities


Please contact the lab or Dr. Roberts for more information about opportunities with the Early Intervention Research Group, or complete this survey.


Please contact the lab or Dr. Norton for more information about opportunities with the Language, Education, and Reading Neuroscience Lab.


Please contact the lab or Dr. Losh for more information about opportunities with the Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Lab, or complete and submit this application.

Educational Programs & Classes

We offer several courses and educational opportunities focused on ASD, including:
  • Research assistantships in ASD research
  • Courses focused specifically on ASD
    • CSD 382 (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
    • Independent Studies through CSD (e.g., CSD 399, 499, 552) and other departments
  • Colloquia and seminars
  • Clinical training opportunities focused on ASD
  • ASD vocational training experiences and internships
  • Participation in Social Skills Groups
  • Volunteer opportunities

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