Here’s a sampling of the studies our labs are currently conducting that involve autism.

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Parent Language Intervention for Autism

This study examines: specific parent characteristics that influence outcomes of two different parent-mediated language interventions; and the effects of a naturalistic early play and communication intervention on child social communication skills.

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Social EEG: Parent-child brain similarity during interaction in typical development and autism

This study examines parent-child interaction and language development in toddlers. This research can help us better understand how children develop language and social skills, leading to better methods for early identification of developmental disorders like autism.

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Family Studies of Language in Autism

This group of studies examines patterns of language and social skills, and developmental similarities among family members of individuals with and without autism. We hope this research will help clarify the nature of the communication challenges in autism, as well as how some subtle language patterns might run in families and be tied to the genes involved in autism.

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